Our goal is that each 30 minute lesson is packed with activity. We always strive to keep the swimmers constantly engaged by doing lots of swimming whilst receiving just as much feedback – we don’t like the idea of swimmers waiting around at the side! We believe that our swimmers make such great progress because they get lots of swimming done in each lesson.
We also like to focus on swimmers undertaking badges. They are a super way to keep swimmers motivated and see their progress. Badges are usually focused towards distance (5m, 10m, 20m, 50m etc.) or skills (safe entry, different floating shapes or more complicated skills like tumble turns etc.). Our aim is for teachers to work towards a badge with all swimmers once every three months.

Beginners (Stage 1-3)

We want all young swimmers to be able to swim face-up front paddle independently, which is the primary swim a person would use to save their lives if they unexpectedly ended up in water. As teachers, this is our primary goal and we do this by using swim discs to develop strong technique in the swimmer and then reduce the floats to the point where they can swim by themselves.
The first big milestone we’re aiming towards is a 5 metre badge without goggles; if swimmers ever needed to save their lives, they most likely wouldn’t be wearing goggles! At this level, we also work on other swimming skills such swimming on the back, dipping the face in, push and glides, jumping into the water and lots more… We achieve this by making lessons very fun with tonnes of games, challenges and targets.

Intermediate (Stage 4-6)

At this level swimmers are starting to learn the four main strokes and working toward developing high-quality technique. Swimming longer distances, they’re starting to become stronger and safer swimmers. Swimmers will also start to develop water skills such as rolls, aquatic glides, sculling, surface dives as well as frequently working towards badges.
Even though these swimmers are a working at an intermediate level, we still strive to make each class fun and engaging with lots of games and competitions. Teachers periodically deliver water safety and survival awards, in which swimmers learn how to respond in an emergency situation – both as someone in the water, or as a bystander. These are valuable lessons and very useful awards to undertake.

Advanced (Stage 7-9)

Our advanced swimmers take a lot of enjoyment from their swimming lessons. At this higher-level, swimmers can swim confidently and safely, plus the swimming lessons serves to be a good form of exercise. As the swimmers have developed good technique, the lesson focus shifts towards these three components: high-end technique, stamina and speed.
Teachers will work towards longer distances (400m, 600m, 800m, 1000m etc.) as well as taking part in races and timed swims – teachers will feedback to the swimmers on how to make their swim even faster. We also strive to make the lessons as engaging as possible for this ability through other activities such as ‘training-set’ like lessons, water polo, games and badges.
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