In light of the national lockdown ending, we are happy to announce that we will be reopening our doors again to welcome all of our swimmers to the pool from Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

As a little reminder, the reopening video shows the one-way system plus some of the COVID-19 measures we've put in place to keep everyone safe.

We have updated the payment section for existing customers to show how November's enrolment will carry over to December and part of


If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with the T.J Dolphins team.


Key Information

How Will Lessons Run?

Anything Else I Need to Know?

How Will Payment Work for Existing Customers in Decmber 2020?

How Will Payment Work for New Customers?

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Reopening Information

Reopening Video

Key Information

We ask that  only one adult  comes to the lesson with their swimmer and to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before their lesson.

All swimmers will need to arrive ‘swim-ready’ with their swimming costume underneath their clothes as all children will be getting undressed in the foyer. The changing rooms will only be accessible after their lesson finishes to get changed.


Swimmers who need swim discs (circular armbands) will need to purchase their own set from our receptionist. All swim discs will cost £3 per disc.

In line with Swim England's (the country's governing body for swimming) COVID-19 recommendations, we will be heavily limiting the amount of equipment that is shared between swimmers.

We are asking all parents with swimmers in ‘Beginner with Parent’ and ‘Stage 1’ classes to buy 6 discs

(3 for each arm), whilst asking ‘Stage 2’ to purchase 4 swim discs (2 for each arm). Swimmer's safety is #1 priority for us!

If you are unsure what grade your swimmer is at, please ask our receptionist and she'll be help to tell you.

To enter the building, all parents will need to wear a face covering and shoe covers.

We will have a small supply of face coverings but we ask that all customers bring their own.

We will provide each parent with a free pair of shoe covers for their first visit. We’d like you to keep hold of them and bring them with you to each session. If you forget, we will be able to provide a second pair for a small fee due to limited stock and to cover the cost.


Upon arrival, both parents and swimmers will be asked to use the hand sanitizer once they enter the foyer. Hand sanitizer will also be provided in the changing rooms, shower area and on pool side.


Swimmers will get undressed in the foyer, pass their belongings to their parent, and wait in the foyer area for their swim teacher to collect their class and take them through to the pool.


Whilst the lesson is taking place, all parents will need to stand outside as the foyer area is not big enough to allow parents to spectate whilst respecting social distancing.


We understand that parents will still want to keep track of their swimmer’s progress so at the end of each lesson, your child’s swim teacher will briefly come to the foyer door to announce to the parents what the class has been working on in their lesson and what they’ll be focusing on next week.


How Will Lessons Run?

The first week of lessons will be a reassessment of all swimmers to check what stage they are now swimming at and to ensure our swim teachers get them back up to the stage they were at in March.


All of our swim teachers will teach from pool side – this is inline with the latest Swim England COVID-19 guidance. Our lessons will be super engaging, effective and fun for all swimmers.


Swimmers will be kept at least one metre apart during the lesson – we will be using coloured bean bags as markers to provide direction and maintain spacing for the swimmers.


For our beginner with parent classes, the parents will still be able to enter the water with their child but will need to stay directly in front of them in order to maintain distance from other swimmers and parents around them. Parents will be asked to leave their belongings in a designated space on poolside as oppose to using the changing rooms.

Parents who are going in the pool will need to live in the same household as the child they are attending the class with.

Anything Else I Need To Know? 

The changing rooms and foyer area will be cleaned thoroughly every 30 minutes in between each lesson.


In-line with the government’s latest advice, we will no longer be accepting cash or cheques. All payments will need to be made via our contactless card machine. We accept contactless and chip and pin payments from all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as payments through Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Catch ups will be cancelled for the foreseeable future to avoid mixing children with other classes. We will not be able to offer refunds for missed lessons. On the odd occasion that we have to cancel the lessons due to unforeseeable reasons, we will refund the lesson cost.


All parents can park on the St Wilfrids School main car park but we ask that parents park sensibly within the marked bays.


The children's playground at St Wilfrids will be washed down after each school day, so we ask that parents who bring younger children to please refrain from allowing them to play on the playground.

How Will Payment Work For Existing Customers? 









Monday Swimmers

Your lessons are covered on the 7th & 14th of December and the 11th & 18th of January, using November’s enrolment.

Tuesday Swimmers

Your lessons are covered on the 8th & 15th of December and the 5th of January, using November’s enrolment.

Wednesday Swimmers

Your lessons are covered on the 2nd, 9th and 16th of December, using November’s enrolment.

Saturday Swimmers

Your lessons are covered on the 5th & 12th of December and the 9th & 16th of January, using November’s enrolment.

We’re aware that most pre-existing swimmers paid for the full month of November but due to the national lockdown, we had to close from the 5th of November .


Any lessons that were paid for will be carried over to December and part of January.


We’ve broken the next enrolment up to show what payments will be due when – We will be asking everyone to pay on the second-to-last week of their courses, same as before.

Swimmers have different payment dates as a result of when we had to close for lockdown, our reopening day being a Wednesday and our reopening day after Christmas being a Tuesday.


If you have any questions, please give us a call or speak to our receptionist, Julie.

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How Will Payment Work For New Customers? 

Parents will need to pay for the remainder of the course from the day their child starts.

For example - if your child starts on the 15th of September 2020, you will need to pay £22.50 for the rest of September (each lesson costs £7.50.)

If your child is attending a free assessment, you will only be required to pay the week after once they are placed in a class.

We have gone cashless - We now accept contactless and chip and pin payments from all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as payments through Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay

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